Indiana Chapter 10
Serving professionals throughout the Crossroads of America since 1955
SR/WA - Senior Member, International Right of Way
Association - is the most prestigious professional
designation granted by IRWA to members who have
achieved professional status through experience,
education and examination.

The SR/WA designation requires training and examination in several major right of way disciplines. The SR/WA designation says, "I have more than five years of right of way experience, plus I have had formal training in a wide variety of right of way areas."

The SR/WA professional may be a specialist in one area such as acquisition, relocation or law, but also must be familiar with the other disciplines associated with the right-of-way profession. The SR/WA designation is the only designation reflecting evidence of professional attainment in the right of way field.

The SR/WA Designation
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John S. Alexander, SR/WA
The Schneider Corporation

DeLinda M. Alspaugh, SR/WA
Duke Energy

Cynde Barker, SR/WA, R/W-NAC

Ronald R. Barker, SR/WA
Vectren Corporation

John E. Bowers, SR/WA
Elkhart County Highway

Kristina L. Breeding, SR/WA
Duke Energy

Reily A. Burrell, SR/WA
Burrell Appraisal Service, Inc.

Sylvia M. Durham, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
AEP Indiana Michigan Power Company

Gary Helton, SR/WA
Duke Energy

Ellen M. Hubbard, SR/WA
Duke Energy

Jerry W. Humphrey, SR/WA
Professional Land Services, Inc.

Debera J. Johnson, SR/WA
Elkhart County Highway

William D. Jones, SR/WA
Right of Way Jones, Inc.

Greg R. Mathias, SR/WA
Vectren Corporation

Donald J. McKee, SR/WA
McKee Appraisal

Charles J. McCarty, SR/WA, R/W-AC
Old National Bank

Linda McPherson, SR/WA
Duke Energy / Retired

Rebecca A. Merkley, SR/WA
Vectren Corporation

Connie S. Noe, SR/WA

Brenda S. Owens, SR/WA
Indianapolis Power & Light Company

Karla Price, SR/WA
R. W. Armstrong & Associates

Jeffery N. Reece, SR/WA
AEP Service Corporation

Mark A. Riggs, SR/WA
Vectren Corporation

John B. Smitherman, SR/WA
Duke Energy (Retired)

Lisa A. Spees, SR/WA
Integra Realty Resources - Indianapolis

Jeff Taylor, SR/WA
Elkhart County Highway

Brian J. Welles, SR/WA
American Electric Power

William L. Wermund, SR/WA
Negotiations, Inc.

Current Chapter 10 SR/WA Designation Holders