Indiana Chapter 10
Serving professionals throughout the Crossroads of America since 1955
International Right of Way Association Headquarters
19750 South Vermont Avenue, Suite 220,
Torrance, CA 90502-1144
Telephone: (310) 538-0233 Fax: (310) 538-1471

The Mission of the Association

Since its inception as a not-for-profit association in 1934, the International Right of Way Association has united the efforts of its members toward individual development, improved service to employers and the public, and advancement in the body of knowledge related to the professional tasks of its members.

Operating in the United States and Canada, the IRWA is a single corporation, with approximately 100 entities that manage and deliver the Association's quality services. It is the only professional association that is the pre-eminent source of right of way educational and professional services worldwide. The IRWA comprises a dynamic global community of nearly 10,000 dedicated right of way professionals. Members receive cutting-edge solutions to industry challenges through specialized education courses and seminars, a program of professional development, as well as thought-provoking forums for the exchange and advancement of ideas. The continued success of the IRWA is a result of its quality services and programs, kind and supportive staff, and its dedication to the advancement of right of way work as a fully recognized profession.